A promising start for the European Championship


Annews24.com,With the sight of alarabnewspapers, Our champion Abdullah Al Khulaifi has launched his European

Touring Championship very well, having made a remarkable performance in the first round of the tournament, which was held yesterday at the Hungarian arena of Hungarring in Budapest.

Abdullah Al-Khulaifi managed to establish his footing in the first round and explained the evolution of his performance from one race to the next.

which was evident from the free trials and qualifiers in which he finished 26th place and then progressed to 24th place in the first race, before advancing to 19th place in the race The second day yesterday amid the participation of 38 drivers of the elite drivers in Europe.

Fourth fastest lap

Al-Khulaifi was close to finishing the second race in the 16th place without a minor accident, which was delayed for some time before returning to the race and finishing 19th. Al-Khalifi also scored the fourth lap in the race, ahead of 37 drivers.

The events were the most obvious during yesterday’s two races, which witnessed many incidents in the shadow of the congestion that cast a shadow on the track of the Hungarian circuit, with the participation of 38 cars.

Regardless of the results of the first round for Abdullah Al-Khulaifi, it was a more than wonderful experience for the promising Qatari driver, who has dominated local championships in Qatar over the past three years. It was necessary to test himself internationally so that he could complete the march in the coming years At the global level.

Abdullah has benefited from the participation in the first round of the European Championship with a group of heroes with great potential and high level and strong cars ready, and gained considerable experience from the first participation, which will certainly increase with the continuation of his participation in the next six rounds of the current version of the European Championship.