Controversy over the presence of the Revolutionary Guard in Doha Qatar is officially listed

Qatar army, There was controversy on the social networking sites about the presence of elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Qatar, which called for a sarcastic response from the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lulwa Khater said when asked about the boycott countries’ demand to expel members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from Qatar, she said: “Can the American base and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards meet?”
The spokeswoman confirmed that Doha has relations with Iran, and that her country depends on Tehran to import food to alleviate the siege imposed on them.
That Qatar shares with Iran ownership of the South Pars field of natural gas located in the waters of the Gulf, noting that many of the allies of the United States, including Japan, India and Britain rely on gas from this field, adding that the UAE itself and despite the Gulf crisis, Of energy from Qatar.

On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Qatar on the grounds that they supported terrorism. Doha denies this and accuses the Quartet of seeking to impose its guardianship over its national decision.

The four countries sent a list of 13 demands, including reducing diplomatic representation with Iran, limiting trade ties and leaving the IRGC affiliate to Qatari territory. But Qatar denied this, saying the rest of these countries enjoyed similar ties with Iran.