You contributed alot on Mowzey radio’s death, Eddy Kenzo pins the media houses as we celebrate a year of the legend


Annews24, the big talent boss , afrima winner ,bet winner the Africa’s biggest music super star pins the journalists and the entire media houses in Uganda for the death of the legendary moses sekibogo(mowzey Radio)

Eddy kenzo explains that the media houses hated mowzey during his life and loved him after he was dead .. eddy kenzo states that..


Its now one full year ever since Great star Moses Radio left us , the wounds are still clearly fresh to all of us ..

Moses’ death got me wondering about something very bad, what makes a dead person more special to Ugandans than the one that lives ?…. Honestly speaking Moses was taken for granted as he lived my many people and congratulated for a job well done when he died ..
Moses brought something new and unique to this great industry, gave us his all , taught us , united us with our lost ones , strengthen our relationships, fought our battles ,Preached love and Harmony , preached God’s greatness, and aloooot more all through music and his loving heart and in return we appreciated and praised his dead body.

In 2017 October, Moses released a song titled #TambulaNange that sounded so sweet and emotional , No media house played it, he kept posting on fb that he had a new gospel song , no body bothered about it still .in Feb 2018, He died, the song was immediately put on countdowns for 2-3 months ….!!! I felt so bad .
We all know of those people that have always used their powers and platforms to publically fight Radio and other people, they belittled him, they said he wasn’t worth greatness, they said he wasnt a LEGEND, they said he was just a drunkard, they said his time of shining was out , they said Moses was Nothing..
Today the same people were hosted on Tv to discuss Moses and all I heard and saw were praising Words to Moses from them, its when he is gone that they can say he was worth everything.

Today people like José chameleon are mostly known for the bad they do besides the unstoppable talents God gave them, because that’s what these bad mind pipo want to sell and get money, as soon as chameleon is announced dead , you will all be shocked to know lots of good things he did still from the same people, by then he will be appreciated.

Eddy kenzo

Eddy Kenzo has so far been with us for only 10years as a servant in this great industry and I must assure you that 9/10years have been spent on fighting him, pulling him down,saying how he is just lucky, framing all sorts of evil things on him , preaching I’ll stories about him,hiding the good things he does , hating whoever deals with him,harassing him, bribing people not to associate with him , mocking him , undermining him, belittling him, his music upto now is not played in Uganda by some media houses with no reason give, but as soon as he dies he will lead countdowns, he will be appreciated, he will be loved and all the good he did will be said out to the world and his dead body will be thanked for a job well done 😭. So sad , To my self, I don’t know God’s plans but if it so happens and that brother of mines goes before me, I swear to God there are people I can not allow to even come next to his dead body because as he lives all they wish him is death.they hate him alive , they wana love his dead body😡 .. Murderers shouldnt attend funerals .

Many many people not only artists but even others go through this situation, but its poor, its fake , its for the lost ones. ..
Let’s spread that Love as we live, Let’s appreciate one another as we live , Don’t pull down others because u too can’t live forever, Lets all know we are just human we arent perfect, that way we can easily find love among ourselves