I advised Ugandans Not to Boycot the National Team- Bobi wine


(Annews24) Kampala – The people power boss or call him the Ghetto president Bobi wine has condemned those who plan to boycot namboole stadium after the Cancellation of #kyarenga concert

This came after his post where he posted on his Twitter that he was watching the match at his home . There have been many fights between the people power believers and the NRM party members. Yesterday Uganda had a match with Cape Verde where it won 1:0 and qualified for AFCON.

The number of the people in the stadium was not as expected even though the media tried to cover up some areas which had people but the truth is the number wasn’t big as it used to be .

Facts by 12:00pm BY baker

Bobi wine in his statement that was posted on the 22 of October,  states that

I have seen some friends act out of anger as a result of the Kyarenga concert cancellation by the Namboole management.

Friends, I don’t agree with the trending hashtag #boycottugandacranes. Uganda Cranes is our national team in which we should always take pride and support with all our abilities. These young men, just like most of us work hard to raise our flag high using their talent even when they are insufficiently facilitated. If musical talent is being suffocated, let’s not take all the other talent down the drain. Our national team is the mirror of the best and the worst in us as a nation so all they need is Love and understanding, not condemnation. We are all Uganda Cranes and Uganda Cranes .

The people power activists and bloggers have had a battle about this post just after bobi wine posted a pics of himself watching the match at home .

Image by fb teletha

Many photos started trending with a hashtag boycot namboole which bobi wine disagrees with but since its people’s power ,then it’s people to decide.  .

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