Learn how to handle dead Bodies, Mp Nambooze Condemns The Uganda Police


Annews24, The Honourable Member Of Uganda Parliament Betty Nambooze has Condemned the Uganda Police For Carelessly mistreating the Dead bodies just after they receive them , this follows the recent accident on lake Victoria where almost 32+ lives were lost . 

Honourable Nambooze Claims That it is not good for the police allow people to take snaps of the dead , it si not good for the police to hand over dead bodies op3nly to their owners , at least they put them in bags . In her words

“As a country I guess we all have pain and we are looking for ways to make the pain go away.When disasters occur causing large numbers of deaths and overwhelming sadness like the one we are facing over the Lake Victoria weekend deaths local and even regional emergency response services must be mobilised to handle the situation in a manner that eases grief and trauma to society.

Proper management of the dead is a key component of disaster response, together with the recovery and care of survivors and the supply of basic services. Handling dead bodies with respect and decent burials are not necessarily meant to benefit the dead but to heal society and this is what should be accorded to our people who died in the boat accident.

The social media is now full of pictures of the dead insentively taken some in very compromising situations…In my opinion this is bad. Ugandans need to teach themselves some of the basic principles of decency and civilisation. Some calous people are even making cruel and demeaning comments against some of the dead.

My suggestion is that we need to cover these bodies as soon as they get into our hands by putting them in sealed bags and deliver them to families after treating them. Police should stop people taking pictures of these bodies while they are naked and we in social media shouldnt post pictures showing these bodies but instead let’s post photographs of these deceased friends of our taken in their days of life. Let the dead rest in peace… It’s the only way the living with feel consoled and move past this tragedy.

My humble opinion.”

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