‘People power’ believers Advice Bobi wine’s Son Not to get shaken by the wave of NRM Goons who are paid to attack him


(Annews24) earlier this morning a Facebook post from (people power our power ) and (uganda Zukuka) posted asking followers to send bobi wine’s Son Kampala Solomon A message of Wisdom .

This post was mainly asking viewers to send a strong message of advice and encouragement to Solomon Kampala and these are some of the comments from the people power believer led by BOBI WINE . Names will be reserved

  1. Be strong read your books and always a son looks up to his father so bro always ask your dad to guide you in case you are stack some where and don’t listen to naysayers bro
  2. Be yourself boy and know dat pipo are born to talk there 4 never mind them just concentrate on your future wc is waiting for you.
  3. Be strong and stay focused people will always talk bad things and thats coz your human and no one is perfect, walk with your God he will never let you down.
  4. My dear just know that the world is full of disappointment ‘s but always believe in ur self and never let words put u down n always follow your heart and dreams u will be a winner .#new generation #one love.
  5. It’s ok all is well lito one don’t mind people’s words coz they will always talk no matter wat
  6. Be strong ma dear people will always talk to put u down but just focus on ur future and pray for your family….Make God first all will be gud….Gods blessings whenever u go and in whatever u do.
  7. The great are always challenged but never equalled. If you have nothing, they can’t talk about you, so know you have something, dont lose t man, those hu talk about u are behind you.
  8. Focus on your books and always discipline is the key to success.
    Know what you want and stick onto it and always listen to your parents no one loves you more than them
  9. The fear of God is the begining of wisdom. Respect your parents and always work for the best. God loves you and we love you to.
  10. Forgive and forget
  11. First of all, he should keenly listen to his parents and always seek advise from them.
    Secondly, he should focus on his studies and also trust God in everything. He has to know that no situation is permanent, God always upholds the future. Be strong #LittleOne
  12. My blaza never give up focus on yo ambition and if ur stark ask to DAD
  13. Solomon alwayz be strong like ur father

This indicated the love love and trust people have in Bobi wine as a person and then to his family .

All these comments were from the Facebook page (people power our power )



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