Rome metro halted after woman killed on tracks – Reports

A train arrives at the metro station of Rebibbia in Rome on December 21, 2010. A parcel bomb was found today hidden inside a shoe box in a train carriage in Rome's metro system after passengers had gotten off at the train's last stop, officials said. The device, composed of two metal tubes stuffed with gunpowder, was found by a transport worker at around 10:00 am (0900 GMT) in a service area near Rebibbia station on the outskirts of Rome. "The device could not have exploded. Part of the detonator was missing," Giampaolo Polizzaro, a spokesman for Rome city council, told AFP. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo by ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP), Rome’s main Metro Line A was paralyzed on Thursday after a woman died from falling under a train.

The woman fell onto the tracks at around 11am as a train was approaching Lepanto station in the west of the city centre, and remained trapped under a carriage before emergency workers could free her.

She was brought out alive, according to reports, but died of her injuries shortly afterwards.

The station was evacuated and the line A closed between Termini, Rome’s main train station, and Battistini, the final stop in the western suburbs. Replacement bus services are running along the route, which is the most used in Rome.

The eastern half of the line A is still operating but with delays, said public transport company Atac.

It’s not clear what caused the woman, identified as a Senegalese national in her early 30s, to fall onto the tracks.

Authorities are reviewing CCTV footage to establish whether she could have slipped or been accidentally jostled by another passenger. A friend told Repubblica that she had sight problems that could have contributed to a fall.

The train driver is being treated for shock.