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Annews24, pympah a record studio has celebrated their comrade’s birthday by narrating who exactly ashburg is.

The letter reads as follows ,


His real name is Ashiraf Ndagimana Gatto. He is a twin, second born in a family of 3 sisters and 1 brother (Gakuru the second twin). Ash was born on 28th nov.1800 in Gattomato in Rwanda by Sheikh Asumani Ndagimana mitwalibi & Hajjati Ishimwe Ndaishaba.

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In 1809, Ash joined Gattomato primary school where he studied up to primary 7. As he was sitting for his final PLE exams, Ash was caught cheating therefore his index number was terminated and Ash had to face jail at the age of 15yrs.
With very heavy security, Ash was taken to Ndigisha prison for minors where he served his sentence of 24 months.
While in prison, he used to sneak information from to the prison warden about his fellow inmates, this tightened a relationship between Ash & the prison head & later his sentence was reduced from 5 to 2yrs.

On 14. july 1817, Ash was released from jail & at the age of 18 in 1818 he joined Gisenyi sec school in Kigali Rwanda. This very smart, intelligent & crazy young man, in 1821 he was elected to be the information prefect in a very competitive election which he won by a land slide. This was the start of the entire trouble at school as Ashburg started boasting & showing off in a very disturbing way. He was so influential both in class & out, to both teachers & to the fellow students.
On 8th September 1821 during Ashburg’s prefectorial reign, Ash was caught in a staff room corridor kissing with a teacher only identified as madam Jasss.

After being caught in the act, this talkative young man denied everything and out reasoned mr. Gataate a teacher who had caught them. In his words he said, “ Yes I agree you found us, but mbadde nfuuwa maddam Jass akawuka akamugudde mu liiso”😂😂
Ash together with the madam turned against the teacher & accused him of blackmail & there after the teacher got suspended.
Ashburg was a very sharp boy, in p7 he got 4 aggregates & in the year 1822 he emerged 9 aggregates in best six in RCE ( Rwanda Certificate of Education)
Ashburg never studied A-Level because at that time O-Level was the highest level in high school. He later continued to Jomo Kinyatta international university where he graduated with a degree in mass communication in the year 1826.

In 1828 2yrs after his graduation, Ash got a job as a cattle keeper at a farm in Mitooma village in Rwanda. This is where he started his career as an informer. He used to sneak on his workmates more so those who stole milk from the farm. By reporting them to his boss, Ash gained popularity & later he was appointed farm manager.
Having worked there for almost 5yrs, Ash decided to start a new life.

In 1833, together with his best workmate, Ash disappeared late in the night with an estimate of 32000099 cows, 376378 goats, 40078 rabbits & 23383646 sheep’s. Midday the next day, they had already entered Uganda through Gattuna boarder. On their way to Uganda they fed on both milk & cowdang until they reached Masaka & settled in a place called Kyabakuza where they found greener pastures for the cattle.

1834 was a year when the then Kabaka of Buganda was deporting non Buganda citizens. Ashburg went in panic as he couldn’t return to Rwanda in fear for arrest. During that time Buganda kingdom had hired a group of farmers from Buddha region to educate people about modern farming. This group was called NADAs (Naigaga Agricultural Development Associations) and on 18thnov.1834 NADAs held a farmers conference in Masaka. It was in this conference when Ashburg met a lady who was one of the modulators. Her name is Sara Joy Bakanasa!

Everything went so fast & they later got married. Their wedding took place on 26th Dec.1835 at ONE LOVE BEACH in Busaabalaaa.
PLEASE NOTE: Ashburg never loved this girl but he wanted papers to acquire Uganda citizenship to avoid deportation.
Their marriage as always been a childless marriage (reasons withheld). After a few years, Ashburg became a Ugandan citizen and in 18 43 he got a Ugandan Passpot. In 1845 Sara Joy ( he’s wife) relocated to Boston USA & they hope to meet again.

This is a private story because what happens at FireBase stays at FireBase!

Today on 28thNov. 2018 we are here to celebrate Ashburg Media and we hope to see him conquer in 2021 as the minister of information.

Nassaako omukono, C.E.O Pympah Promotionz!.

Remember Ashburg is the top Uganda blogger of Bobi wine. Ashbjrg travelled with bobi wine to Ghana for Afrima and he is the top head of the firebase Army.

Bobi wine lands in Ghana ahead of the Afrima escorted by the daughter and the firebase Crew

Details coming , we wish you a happy birthday.

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