Uganda:Bryan White Was Behind The UUBA Bouncers Who hitted Bobi Wine’s Home Claiming for Payment

Bobi Wine ©️📷bicep ug

Annews24- It has been revealed that Bryan White was the mastermind of the plan of the UUBA bouncers who worked at Busabala during the KYARENGA CONCERT To hit Bobi Wine’s home demanding for their Delayed payments.

This news was like not approved or taken like fake but immediately after the NEWS filming these bouncers at Bobi Wine’s Home, The Bryn White foundation immediately announced that it will pay all of them  claiming that Bobi Wine can’t pay them. In Our research, we found this post below on Facebook


Bryan white foundation paid UUBA bouncers to hit Hon kyagulanyi’s home demanding for their money or balance just to tarnish Bobiwine’s name. These were paid from 50k to 200k depending on the position in that association and some of the orders he gave them is to jump in to Bobi’s home and destroy properties fortunately these bouncers were against that and they didn’t.

Uganda Pop Star Bobi Wine Makes Historical Concert In Uganda since Independence

It was the kyarenga concert organisers that had hired these bouncers not Bobi wine and there were to assist police in tightening security #kyarenga_10th_November_Busabala but organisers had promised them their balance in few days and this where skinny tycoon tapped them, from them they made it clear they were after money.

Bryan White Foundation is to give out free ticket for chameleon’s saba saba concert that is to take place at lugoggo on 07th/Dec and still BraynWhite and Balaam are to give out yellow beret to every person will attend saba saba concert.

The source indicates that NRM is to chameleon and his saba saba concert to shine more than kyarenga concert. It is said Balam bought 5,000 beret and skeleton Bryan white bought 10,000 beret. The regime is trying to use every sector to handle people power movement and shows how they are panicking. So mwebereremu