We need Justice For the Kasese Massacre, The Former LoP Winnie Kiiza Urges As we mark 2years since the blood

Image by ©️Annews24

Annews24, The former leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza has this morning posted on his  Facebook account in solidarity with the families and friends of those who lost their loved ones as e mark 2 years since the Kasese massacre.

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As we continue to mourn for the lives who have just been claimed  on lake Victoria during the Boat Cruise, Winnie Kiiza has not forgotten the Kassese massacre, in her words.

“We still stand to demand for accountability of the lives that were butchered in Rwenzori.

Today is 26th November, 2years after the attack on Rwenzururu Kingdom and killing of the over 150 people. Our people have stayed in jail unheard for all that period.

We call for a speedy trial of our people because justice delayed is justice denied. We also demand for accountability on the side of Government. The question that is still bothering us is how the government has ignored and not bothered by the actions of the officers who killed our people in broad daylight.


Mr. M7,the commander in chief of those killers should explain to the country and the people of Rwenzori the fate of their kinsmen. Two years of incarceration of a cultural leader(King) with over 200 hundred of his subjects on top of the hundreds that were butchered is not anywhere near justice.

We demand for accountability.

Winnie Kiiza(Mp)
Kasese District.”

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