You betrayed your own Daddy; people power supporters attack bebe cool

281 views, When Bebe Cool refused to vote for his Father (Bidandi Sali) when he stood for presidency, nobody blamed him and yet one would expect a son to be loyal to his family. He chose to support Museveni and demeaned his father’s bid for presidency; something that would wreck the heart of any parent.

Some of us chose to support Diamond Platinum because in true sense he is good at what he does. Supporting a Tanzanian does not make me a traitor but supporting a person who insult and undermines fellow countrymen makes me very unpatriotic. And so bebe Cool called us ‘stupid cockroaches’ because we were criticizing the government move to censor the social media through introducing senseless taxes which at the end are plundered by these very people who collect it.

Now if anyone is gonna lecture us about patriotism, then they should have the credibility to do it. Otherwise a patriot doesn’t support a system that brutalize, beat up, torture and even murder his fellow countrymen. A patriot does not keep silent on these horrible things going on in the country. A patriot does not dine with the corrupt who steal money from the poor and enrich themselves. Bebe Cool chose the side that mistreat Ugandans because at the end Museveni can afford to give him millions of our money for his personal happening. Patriotism is a spirit of service and sacrifice for the country.

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When a government official like Jim Muhwezi steals money meant for HIV and Malaria patients, he’s not serving the country but rather himself. When men in uniforms (The police and the Army) brutalize the people they’re supposed to protect and so that’s no being patriotic. Bebe Cool boasts of being a philanthropist through contributing to charity causes. He really loves the cameras when helping people and perhaps Brian White is likely to have copied from him. What Bebe Cool does is to use charity campaigns to promote his music concerts.

On the other hand, I have seen Bobi Wine engaging in sanitary activities in the community. I have seen Bobi silently helping different Ghetto youths which the category of Bebe Cool despises because they call them Bayayes. I think when you helping someone, you don’t have to let everyone know that you doing it. At some point you need to be quiet and just show true compassion.