VIDEO”Your Time Is Up” Eddy Kenzo Tells Museveni As he performed At the historical concert (KYARENGA) At one love beach

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Speaking to BBC’s Focus on Africa programme on Monday evening, Kenzo, whose Stamina hit was used in the 2011 election to promote Mr Museveni’s presidential bid, was explaining why he was among the many artistes that attended the Kyarenga concert hosted at One Love Beach by Bobi Wine, who has now become a big political threat to the Museveni government.

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“Yes I supported Museveni in 2011 but now things have changed and people are tired. They want something new,” he said.

“The truth is Museveni has done many good things but now l have had change of mind. The bad side is too much. I have travelled since that time and become more exposed. I have been to countries which are better governed,” he added.

Kenzo said that the situation has become so bad in Museveni’s Uganda that merely expressing oneself about topical issues is sufficient to land anyone, including celebrities like him, in trouble. “I recently performed at a concert in Lugogo and chanted People Power Our Power and they were waiting to arrest me backstage for just mentioning those four words on stage,” Kenzo said.  He added: “Even torture has become too much and people are tired. You (Museveni) have made people cry and you have got to change. That explains the story behind my Mbakooye hit.”

Kenzo said that notwithstanding his open support for Bobi and his People Power Movement, he hasn’t joined politics as yet.

“In Uganda people are very scared. You have to be strong to speak out. I’m one of those with a strong voice and I’m followed by so many people. I remain just a concerned citizen but with a duty to advocate for a better Uganda,” explained Kenzo.