Shaku shaku Dance is a devil Dance


Annews24, A Nigerian Artist and painter by name Prophetic Arts Obetta has revealed that the popular shaku shaku dance is from the devil.

In a very long essay on his Facebook timeline, this Prophetic Arts Obetta defined shaku shaku and its origin.

Stating that the word shaku shaku is related to slavery, chains, and shackles.

Thus he believes it has some demonic and devilish connotations associated with it.

The dance which has become so famous finding its way to churches and anywhere there’s music has been deemed demonic just like DAB by Prophetic Arts Obetta.

He wrote; “The word SHAKU SHAKU was actually gotten from the word shackles, which means chains or hand/leg cuffs. I’ve heard alot of people say “any dance goes in God’s presence” I just shake my head when I hear such because God is principled and will not take some things we do, he cannot adjust his standard for any reason. Sincerely, I was in the gang of the dance too, but always wondered it’s origin. There was a time I read that DAB means Demonstrating Anti-Christ Bow, now it’s shakushaku dt you put your hands at d back like handcuffs, you bring it to the front like handcuffs,you take it to your ears again,you then do your head like someone with coccidiosis.
This dance defines all dimensions of slavery/bondage .
Let us ask ourselves thess questions
What is the efficacy of the dance?
What’s the origin of the dance?
What was the inspiration behind the dance?

Fine, God’s grace is sufficient for us but WISDOM IS APPLICABLE TO DIRECT and in all your getting GET WISDOM. A lot of Christians put themselves in some bondages they shouldn’t be because they are imitating some rubbish.
God will keep protecting us o