Stop robbing Ugandans-MP Muhamad nsereko warns the Government about the booming East africa Passport


Annews24 -Kampala, honourable MP Nsereko Muhammad of Kampala Central has this morning warned the Government to stop playing with Ugandans by robbing them with private Companies of their own ,

Using his Facebook handle, Honourable Nsereko claims that the Government is just interested in making ugandans poor and hardening their travelling processes because their people who have just got their 10years passports.  Remember the Uganda Government announced the issuing of the new passports last month but the old passports are still issued also, honourable in his word said


“Dear comrades,

What’s the motive of the new passport?
Am not against the move to modernize our immigration sector but these are my questions?

1.How do you tell someone who has just paid for a passport meant to be valid for 10 years to pay new charges for a new passport?

2. How do you carter for those working abroad or Ugandans living in the diaspora, who don’t intend to return to Uganda within 2 years. Notwithstanding the fact that some embassies don’t even have the capability to print these new passports.

3. I sense that this move is driven more by business than development. After realizing that over one million Ugandans hold passports, the company contracted and its backers know it’s a chance to make over 300 billion shillings from this venture.

4. Legally it’s a breach of contract by government. When a citizen pays for a service of 10 years, government as a party cannot receive that money from its citizens and then ask for new payment for the same upgraded document. Therefore this is real theft that Ugandans cannot accept.

If the government indeed has good faith, let them just replace with no pay at all for all those passports with at least morethan 9 and half years left to expire.

We cannot accept a government that colludes with private companies to rob from its citizens.

As shadow minister for security, together with my other colleagues. We shall petition this including going to court to stop this.

I will also be live later on to address the country on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Nsereko
Shadow Minister for Security


We will be updating you about the response from the Government itself.