Tears In Ugandan As Death Toll increases to 30 and more bodies still missing in Water


Annews24 Lake Victoria ,tears have continued to cordon the whole country of Uganda as the death toll of the lives who had a boat cruise which capsized increased to 30+

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From the police spokes man ” Rescue Operations on L. Victoria. Update:
By 11:00 am. 17 more bodies have beed recovered. The team of divers has increased to include those from Police, UPDF Marine and Airforce. So far the number of the dead retrieved is 30 in total. Those alive remain 26. The operation continues.
It is a grieving moment for the Nation. RIP.”

The dead bodies are still down in bed of the lake as families cry out for their relatives at Mulago hospital.

Here is the list of the people that were on the boat

Photos of the Updf carrying out the work .

Relatives, friends of people who were aboard the ill fated boat that capsized in the waters of Lake Victoria, have gathered at Mulago Hospital mortuary in hope they will chance on the bodies of their loved ones.

It is a tears and wails with each body that comes in, some of the people gathered are aware their loved one drowned with the boat but are caught between waiting for the bodies and believing they could be retrieved alive. However, what is common at the premises is huge cloud of sadness.

Nile Post talked to a one Patience, who confirmed she has four friends that were aboard the ill fated boat.

“I’ve lost four friends on that boat cruise, we were here last night but were told to come back today morning to get the bodies,” she said.

“This boat cruise was actually supposed to be on the 9th but it was postponed to 24th due to some technicalities on the boat. I talked to one of my friends –Peace, yesterday morning before she went for the cruise,” she added.

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“Shiela’s (Mbonimpa) body is here, Peace hasn’t yet been retrieved. Some of our friends are also not yet here. Two of them are my sisters, the rest are my friends. They went as a group, they’re now dead, six are now dead. I last talked to them the day before yesterday, Peace called me and requested for a cooler, she told me that they were going for a boat cruise with her friends. I don’t know why they didn’t have any life jackets, what will management tell us now?” another relative said before breaking down.

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At least 30 people have so far been confirmed dead including the boat owner, a one Templar and his wife.

According to marine divers, there is no hope for any survivors on this boat that carried over 100 people.