Uruguayan education delegates praises Qatar’s effort in raising special needs kids

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Annews24 , Uruguayan education delegation by the names head Rosita Ines Angelo praised Qatar’s experience in integrating people with special needs in schools describing it as diverse and rich in learning resources.

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During their visit to the country, Rosita discussed the success of the visit and discussions the delegation carried out with officials from Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. She also highlighted that educational facilities and centres follow the best mechanisms are dynamically integrated and encourages further educational and cultural exchange between Qatar and Uruguay, in special education.

She state that special needs children in Qatar received well developed and unique education techniques, facilities, gives extraordinary attention to them and various support services that enables them to integrate into the school and to society to practice their lives independently.


She also said that during the visit she felt professional commitment of the working groups in the field of special education, both at the level of administrators or specialists, which is reflected on the quality of service provided and in turn the entire educational process.